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Weekly Village News May 31, 2024

From Frank.......

Village News! From Frank Finamore (Executive Director of the Village).....

I love to laugh. For me, and likely most, it’s therapeutic. When I want a great belly laugh, even if it might be at my own expense, I call my college roommate, Michael. He’s a psychologist and a very serious person generally, but for whatever reason, we crack each other up recounting crazy stories like when we hid in our closet eating Doritos so our other roommates didn’t know that we had them in the house for fear that they would eat them, as they’d done previously. On one occasion, when I was speaking with Michael on my cell phone outside of my office building at lunchtime, I was literally bent over with laughter. Our Director of Human Resources came running out of the building to check on me because she saw me through the window and thought I was having a heart attack!

As a non-profit organization, the Village needs to raise funds. We do that through membership fees, grants, donations, legacy gifts, sponsorships, and various fundraisers. Among fundraisers, we’ve had vinyl record collections, salons, and galas, both in-person and virtual. When thinking about a fundraiser this year, I’ll admit I want to laugh. So, we’ve planned a comedy night, Off Our Rockers!, on Thursday, June 13 at 7pm at Fat Pete’s BBQ in Cleveland Park. We’ll also be livestreaming it for those that want to watch from home. In-person tickets are $50 per person (plus whatever you purchase for food and drinks, which can obviously be paid for that evening.) Online tickets are $25 per household. Online viewers can be anywhere in the world so please share this info widely with your family and friends elsewhere.

What we’ve lined up are three amazing comedians: Sally Love, Lon Kieffer, and Stacey Axler to entertain us and hopefully give us a few therapeutic belly laughs! This event is being sponsored by Margot Wilson of Washington Fine Properties. Her generous sponsorship underwrites the cost of putting this fun event together. Please join us and also spread the word about what a fun event this promises to be! Buy your tickets online here - or by calling the office at 202-615-5853.



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