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Village News for May 10, 2024

From Frank.....Let Us Live More Simply So Others May Simply Live

Sunday is Mother’s Day – a day we celebrate and honor the mother of each family.  The history of the day is fascinating in that one woman, Ann Jarvis, led a committee in 1868 to organize a “Mother’s Friendship Day” to reunite families that had been divided during the Civil War. It took more than half a century to become a national holiday and was made so thanks to Ann Jarvis’s daughter, Anna Jarvis.

As the youngest, and only boy, raised by a single mother (my parents separated shortly after I was born) and six older sisters, all with many female friends, I feel that I had at least ten mothers!  And that’s not an exaggeration. Besides my sisters, all of whom liked to “direct” their younger brother at various times, there were other family friends that also provided their guidance, direction, and of course, love.


Despite the title of the holiday being singular (i.e., Mother’s Day) for me, and I’m guessing many, it’s also a plural celebration of Mothers’ Day because there are so many women in our lives that care, support, and love us as our mother’s do.  

I’ve certainly known many of these women, such as Miss Davies, whom I’ve written about previously in this column.

She never had children of her own, but gave me and many others their maternal care and support. So, my hope is that this Sunday we can celebrate both those that are mothers and those that gave their motherly love, support, guidance, etc. to others.

As the leader of the Village, the holiday has me thinking about how I might be a better “mother” as it were to our Village community.  Given who my own mother is, and all that she gave and continues to give to me despite her dementia, if she were still able, she’d likely me tell me to remind our community to be kind to one another and go out of our way to do something special for someone else.  Her favorite quote, always on her refrigerator and now on mine, was “Live simply so others may simply live.”  

Somehow, I think the Village model of neighbors helping neighbors embodies that similar belief in the collective over the individual.  This Mother’s Day I hope that we can all reflect on ways we can foster meaningful relationships and really care for one another more deeply as a Village community.  


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