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Village Meals from Volunteers' Kitchens

Village volunteer, Terry McDonald, stopped by the Village’s garden plots this week to harvest some kale. Our plots are planted and tended by members and volunteers.

One of the many things that Terry does as a volunteer is to cook several times a month as part of our meals program. A handful of members receive homemade meals, prepared by volunteers, each Saturday to help relieve the burden of cooking. The meals program started at the beginning of the pandemic when a group of neighborhood families asked if they could bake for our members. The Village has since institutionalized the program and now provides 4-5 meals per week to a handful of members.

One recipient said, “If it wasn’t for the Village meals, everything I would eat would be from a can.” It’s wonderful to see members and volunteer enjoying their garden and then being able to use some of the produce to make nutritious meals for others.



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