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Frank's Weekly Note | Nov 27

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I don’t know how it is for you at this time of year, but I will readily admit that I can hardly believe it’s almost December. The fading light at 4:30 pm, however, tells me it’s true. Personally, the lack of light affects me more than the cold, but given that I’m not much of a skier, I’ll admit that winter is my least favorite season. I view it as something to be endured, much like I view this pandemic. Soon enough the light and warmth will return, just as I’m sure that in 2021 we’ll begin to see the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine. So, there’s lots of reasons to remain vigilant, careful, and hopeful! Yesterday, I had the good fortune of getting on Zoom with a good number of Villagers for our Thanksgiving gathering. We heard stories of everyone’s Thanksgiving traditions and I was especially delighted to hear what people are grateful for, despite this pandemic. It was a special time to be together. Please see the list of programs happening in December for complete details, but let me call your attention to a few special events:

  • We’ve added 2 stretching classes, on Wednesday and Friday at 10 for just 30 minutes.

  • We will celebrate the 6th night of Chanukah gathering on Zoom on December 15th and all are invited, regardless of your religious affiliation.

  • Thanks to our volunteer, Carolyn Kulisheck, we have 2 “Dial a Docent” virtual tours on the 10th and 17th. Reservations are required so register early.

As we did for Thanksgiving, we will partner with a restaurant and also offer home-cooked meals for Christmas. Stay tuned for more information in subsequent weekly newsletters. Finally, this is a reminder that it’s past due time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. If you cannot reach your smoke detector, please know that you can call 311 and the DC Fire & EMS Department will schedule a time to come and replace your smoke detector for free. If you need multiple smoke detectors (and they have a life of only 10 years) you may want to purchase new ones and then they will happily install those for you. If you’re using Amazon to order them, remember to use Amazon Smiles and search for the Cleveland & Woodley Park Village. We receive a small percentage of your sale at no cost to you! And if you shop locally at the Woodley Park Ace Hardware, be sure to tell them that the Village sent you! We want to do everything we can as an organization to be good neighbors!


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