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Tahera Atbin Joins Village Staff

Tahera Atbin has joined the Village staff as our new Administrative Assistant. Tahera is new to the Washington area, having just relocated with her family to Silver Spring.

We're excited to welcome her to our Village staff where she will work part-time providing much needed support. With her extensive training and experience she brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Tahera was born in the Daikundi Province of Afghanistan. She has been an activist for women's rights causes, worked with a variety of national and international non-profit organizations in Afghanistan and has trained extensively as a civil society leader. Most recently worked with the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan.

In addition to earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in India, Tahera has extensive training in advocacy and civil leadership. Among her post graduate studies, she participated as a women’s rights activist in the Asian Center for Women’s Studies summer program with Ewha Women University in South Korea and completed the Emerging Civil Society Leadership Program, a one-year capacity-building initiative by Counterpart International and USAID among.



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