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From Frank... we need your help!

By now regular readers of this column are familiar with my childhood stories and with such a large family I have plenty of material. But this week I share a story from my friend Jim – who was from an even larger family. Jim is number 12 of 13 children.

Sadly, Jim’s father died shortly after the 13th child was born leaving his mom, Elizabeth, to hold that family together. She was an amazing woman, very compassionate and caring. But as you can imagine her time was much in demand. Even the most compassionate would be forgiven if she wasn’t always totally attentive.

Blessed with so many, she developed a unique approach which became obvious when she was once asked if she had a favorite child. She had a flare for the dramatic and timed her answer to surprise her audience. “Oh yes, I certainly do have a favorite,” she began. And then pause leaving her audience waiting for the reveal. After a moment she continued, “It’s the one that is sick, the one that is hurting, the one that needs my care and support. Or the one that we’re celebrating.” Her answer was perfect. She knew she had to prioritize, but more importantly she knew that she could be there for all her children if she was there when any one of them needed her most.

That story resonates with me as leader of the Village community. What Jim's mom knew – and what I try to remember – is that everyone is important. Each Village member is unique with different interests and needs. And, as a community, we must strive to be there for ALL of our members, in the way that works for them.

For those who are interested in events and activities we offer a robust set of activities. For those that need in-home assistance, we recruit and train volunteers to who can be there when asked so our members can continue to live independently. Others just need a friendly visitor.

Can you help us in this mission?

I may be repeating some of our needs from last week’s column, but I didn’t get much response so I thought it worth emphasizing our needs again.

Here are our greatest needs:

  • Be a volunteer drivers. Members need rides to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and even social events. Our ride service is ideal for members who don’t use smartphones, don’t trust strangers, or need help getting into the medical offices beyond just the ride. This is a critical need.

  • Be a planner. We need new ideas on Program Team to help plan activities that will be of interest to our members. Social gatherings and educational outings are important to the long-term health of older adults. More planning help brings a wider range of ideas and results in more programs.

  • Be a visitor. Volunteers specifically trained to visit with those who have dementia or cognitive impairments are very important part of our mission. Some of our members have moved to memory care or have household caregivers, but still want to connect with their Village friends.

Please send me an email ( if you can help. Like Jim’s mom, your help will enable us to be there with the right solution just when we’re needed most.

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village


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