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From Frank...Village News for November 3

My trip to Iceland was nothing short of magical. Besides the geothermal rivers, soaking lagoons, geysers, unimaginable geography, on my last night there, I had the great privilege to see the Northern Lights. Despite knowing that they are a scientific atmospheric phenomenon, the Northern Lights overwhelmed me and I felt a real connection with the greater universe. What I really loved about exploring Iceland, and really any place that is significantly different from my previous experiences, is that it challenges all of my thoughts about how I "ought" to live and what's important to me. There's something transformative about seeing a farmer herding sheep in the middle of a barren landscape with only green moss covering a now dry riverbed. Seeing such a stark contrast to my own existence here in DC, somehow I reconsider how I am living, what my priorities are, and what I want to commit, or in some cases, recommit to doing. One example is that I have replaced watching TV with reading before I go to sleep. I've been thinking about resuming my reading, but it wasn't until this trip that I've done it. Just today, I spoke to a current member and another prospective member about participating in some of our activities. Both wanted to do so, but also acknowledged that it's not easy to make it a priority. So, my challenge to everyone is to perhaps recommit to doing something that you know you'd enjoy if you got over the hurdle of actually participating. Maybe you'll take a walk with one of our groups, come to the Tuesday Talk with David Maraniss, the "Sunday Supper" at All Souls Episcopal on November 19, or more immediately, join us for lunch at Rosemary this coming Wednesday at noon. Since this is our November edition of Village News, we try to provide a comprehensive overview for the entire month. My sincere hope is that among everything that is offered, you will find at least one thing to do with us. P.S. The book that I am reading is My Father's List: How Living My Dad's Dreams Set Me Free. So far, it makes me not want to have any regrets about things that I wish I'd done. Perhaps more importantly, I'm just glad to be resuming a previous passion of reading.



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