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From Frank ... so much for spring.

All signs point to the arrival of summer this weekend, so I hope your air conditioning and fans are fully operational! The Village’s summer season is already in full swing, and our calendar is full of events and activities to meet every interest.

Hats off to our Super Volunteers

This week we celebrated five extraordinary Village volunteers. Our deepest appreciation to Janet Cyphers, Terry McDonald, Devan Mehta, Pat Wittie, and John Wiecking. Each of these volunteers were nominated by a Village member for going above and beyond “the request” to provide service. We recognize them for their service to our community, they are part of our growing volunteer corps, that now numbers 85. We are extremely grateful to each of them, and to all our volunteers for making the Village work. And thank you to Claudia and Paul Taskier who opened their lovely home and patio for the occasion.

Kennedy Townsend Salon

Several Village and community members enjoyed a small fundraising “salon” with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. We were welcomed into her home for a lovely cocktail hour, hearing about how she learned about the Village, her philanthropic work, and of course, a few stories about her famous family. Many thanks to board member and volunteer, Marjorie Dick Stuart, who made it all possible.

Mormon Temple Tour

On Thursday a small group from the Village made their way to Silver Spring to visit the Mormon Temple. This was the first time that the temple was open to the public in 50 years, so we were thrilled to get tickets for our monthly cultural outing. It may be decades before this opportunity returns, if interested some tickets are still available.

Upcoming events

  • This Sunday from 11am until 2pm, the Cleveland Park Connector, a social magazine for residents of the area, will host a Sunday Funday Brunch at the Cleveland Park Club with live jazz music, face painting, and food with the Village receiving any donations received.

  • Next week, we will hold an information session on Silvernest, the house sharing technology platform for older adults.

  • Also next week, an information session about Grandparents Against Covid, a city-wide initiative to get family and friends vaccinated and boosted.

  • This Wednesday at 1:00 PM join us for a guided tour of Tregaron Conservancy by Woodley Park resident and landscape designer, Tamara Belt.

We look forward to seeing you at these or other events. Be sure to check out our complete calendar of events and join us for an upcoming program!

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village


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