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From Frank ... Sep 17

A few weeks ago in this column, I mentioned the idea of forming “care teams” to assist members when they are released from the hospital or a rehabilitation facility. The idea is that three or four people would visit the person, bring a meal or two, offer to run a few errands, etc. It would be trusted group of volunteers that would help to make the recovery period easier and hopefully faster, particularly for those that might live alone.

Next week, one of our members is having surgery and she’d like a care team to visit and brighten her spirits. She expects to return to her home in Cleveland Park by the 25th so we have a bit of time to assemble our first team, but not much. So, if you’re interested in being a part of this first care team, please send me an email.

A Shout Out to Our Volunteers

In the past week, I’ve received several notes of appreciation for the work of our volunteers that I’d like to share with you. First, a new member, took the time to call and thank me for the transportation that our volunteers have been able to provide twice weekly to and from his physical therapy appointments. Another member sent in a donation and a note that read, “Thank you for all that you do!” Finally, a third member called and made a donation in honor of our member, volunteer, and board co-chair, John Wiecking. The member wanted to thank John for not only his willingness to frequently drive members to appointments, but for the wonderful spirit he brings to each interaction. Many thanks to John and all of our volunteers who continually hear the call for assistance and take action.

We Still Need Volunteer Drivers

Finally, a note about the need for additional volunteer drivers…we can always use more drivers! If you or someone you know would like to drive a member, even just occasionally, we’d love to add you to our volunteer driver corps. We generally have ten or so requests per week, with the vast majority of those for medical appointments. Some of those rides are downtown and it’s really convenient if we can have one driver take the member there and another pick them up, which eliminate the difficulty of finding parking. Even doing one ride every few weeks helps! All that is required to become a volunteer driver is attend a volunteer orientation offered on the first Tuesday of every month, pass a background check and a review of your driving record, and then provide a copy of your driver’s license and your insurance declaration page. Click here to register for our October 5, volunteer orientation or forward this information to your family and friends that might be interested!

Have a great weekend,


P.S. Soon we’ll be announcing the details of our outdoor clinic in October to get your flu, shingles, pneumonia, or COVID-booster shots. We will certainly need drivers to help shuttle members to this important clinic.



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