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From Frank … | July 2

As we approach the 4th of July, I’m thinking about freedom and independence and how it relates to our Village community. I was visiting with a member who lives alone and is well into her nineties and we were discussing meal options that might work for her. Some of the options didn’t suit her tastes, literally and figuratively, and she struggled with what she should do because she thought that I would have an opinion. Of course, I do have an opinion, but I was quick to point out that it was her decision to make. Everyone wants the freedom to make decisions that affect them. This principle was evident throughout my son’s teenage years, but it’s also true for my 90 year old mother, who even with some diminished capabilities, wants to have the freedom to decide things that affect her.

All We Value … Including Independence

Within the Village community we embrace, even celebrate, that freedom. One of our organization’s core values is to empower independence, which we certainly do in various ways, such as providing tech tutoring, for example, so that a member can better assist herself. Our other values of serving with kindness, creating connections, and being there, work in tandem to build a community where the members are served respectfully, and perhaps helped a bit, when needed, to thrive within the greater community. This Independence Day, after a long pandemic that hopefully we’re on the tail-end of, I’m choosing to celebrate the mission and values of our organization as much as I am those of our great Nation.

Upcoming Events: Maret Jazz on July 10

As always, this month we have some great programs to offer, including an outside jazz concert on July 10th at the Maret school (which is open to anyone in the community), a trip to President Lincoln’s Cottage, and our annual fundraising gala, the Summer Spritz, on July 29th at 7pm. I hope that you’ll join me for one or all of these activities. Be sure to check out our full calendar of events to find what interests you most.



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