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From Frank ... I love July updates the Air Quality meter hourly

It’s hard to believe we’ve made it to July, but the rising temperatures and increasing humidity confirm the calendar. In addition to normal summer safety precautions (applying sunscreen, avoiding long sun exposure, dressing for heat) this year we must contend with the health impact of smog from Canadian wildfires. Increasingly our area is under air quality alerts. When that happens health authorities encourage us to avoid being outdoors, and if you must go out consider wearing your N95 mask. That smog contains microscopic particles that are best avoided, particularly if you already have challenges breathing. If you’re interested in finding a current report on our local air quality, you can find it here.

Watermelon anyone?

Despite the heat and air quality concerns, I must tell you that I love July. It’s my birthday month and … it’s watermelon season. Those two things are forever connected for me thanks to my Uncle Jim. Every year he would bring a huge watermelon for my birthday. It became a running joke as he would arrive with an ever-larger version. I’ll never forget his delight as he hauled those oversized melons through the front door of our house. Looking back, I realize that my enjoyment of this gift was secondary to Uncle Jim’s joy in giving it. As much as my mom, Uncle Jim taught me the joy found by giving to others.

I also learned that it was okay to buck the traditional birthday cake, and although cherry pie has since become my preferred birthday desert, I plan to enjoy a watermelon or two this month.

Join our Village oral history project

We’re still looking for a few more volunteers to share their story for our Village oral history project. These conversations can cover any topic from your life experience. If you’re willing to either share a part of your life’s experience with our volunteers - or if you’d like to be an interviewer for someone - please contact the office at or call 202-615-5853.

Join us at the July community concert

Our July Community Concert will happen on July 16 from 5-7 PM in the beautiful garden of the Shoreham Hotel. It’s a FREE concert, but seating is limited so please register online or call 202-615-5853 to reserve your spot. Food and beverages will also be available for purchase, so come out and make an evening of it! Thanks to our sponsors, DACL and Ty Hreben & Sheila Mooney of Compass.

Please check out our complete calendar of July events.

Happy Fourth of July! The office will be closed for the holiday until Wednesday, July 5th at 10am. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village


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