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From Frank ... | Feb 26

I’m always excited to welcome March, not only because the crocuses begin to usher in Spring, but also because it’s Women’s History Month.

Raised by my mother and six sisters, no one had to tell me of the vital role that women play in our society because I saw it every day in countless ways. I’m also proud to say that I am the most extreme feminist in my family! So thank you to all the women in our lives who do so much and for the all of the women in history that played pivotal roles, large and small, often without the benefit of any recognition and in the midst of much discrimination. Learn from Local Businesses

This month I am also excited to present a new program which is being launched by our volunteer, Peggy Bosch, in close collaboration with our two Main Street programs. Each month we will be partnering with a local business and holding a class for our members.

On March 17 at 3:00 pm, Sababa restaurant will have their own Chef Moore lead a Zoom class on making some of their classic Israeli dishes. At the end of the class, you’ll be invited to place an order for the dish you just saw being prepared. This is a fantastic way to get an inside glimpse of some our local restaurants and also support them during this very difficult economic period. I’ll give you another nudge as we get closer to the event, but please read the article below and click on the registration link to secure your spot. Become a Village Ambassador

You can be the glue between your other communities and the Village. We’re asking members and volunteers to consider serving as “ambassadors” in their buildings (if they live in an apartment, co-op, or condo building) or within their faith community. Ambassadors will promote events and opportunities sponsored by the Village and make sure Villagers are informed about other events happening in the community. So I hope you’ll join us in that effort by volunteering to be an ambassador. Finally, there’s an important article on scams that I want you to take notice of. Many from nearby Villages have reported these vaccine-related scams so please be on the lookout for them. There’s also a SCAM-related educational session planned for next week so please look for that in among the upcoming programs. Stay safe everyone and enjoy the crocuses when you spot them!



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