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From Frank ... Feb 18

My observation for the week: when you attend an Village event you might just leave with more than you came for. What you ask? Read on ...

It's a trend I've been noticing for some time and I saw it happen first hand this week while on our highly engaging tour of local historic cemeteries. As I looked at our group (which finally included my dog Lucy, by the way!) I was struck that many members join us for such experiences, but then leave with new connections and beginning friendships. I feel so lucky to be able to witness community-building in action! It's a wonderful by-product that happens when people are together and we hope to increase the number of in-person events in the coming months.

Speaking of the cemetery tour, many thanks to Mary Belcher a neighbor who is responsible for leading an effort to preserve these forgotten African-American cemeteries located on the edge of Rock Creek Park. We had a great turnout on a warm February day and all left more enriched and informed.

Social Membership Sign-up Forms Now on the Website

Know someone who would like to join the Village? To make it easier for you to share information we have a full section of our website devoted to explaining our membership opportunities to prospective members. This includes a simple form that can be quickly filled out and submitted. We will continue to offer some events to the entire community, but we’d also love for new members to join us. The cost of our social membership, which is $300 annually, is also considered a charitable contribution!

Upcoming Events Update

We’ve been busy planning some exciting new programs.

Technologies for Aging in Place. In partnership with Tech-Enhanced Life, we will have 5 slots open for a member to attend a virtual series: Technologies for Aging in Place. Tech-Enhanced Life has many years experience exploring the intersection of aging and technology, and will share their knowledge about a wide range of products and services designed to help people live independently and for as long as possible. This should be a very interesting and informative series so please register as soon as possible.

This is a pilot project for our Village and we have paid the registration for 5 members to attend ALL of the classes. The dates and topics for the series are:

  • Tuesday March 1, 4pm: Overview of Tools and Tech for Aging in Place

  • Tuesday March 15, 4 pm: The Right Tools to Minimize Isolation & Loneliness

  • Tuesday March 29, 4 pm: Which Medical Alert? And Who Needs One?

  • Tuesday April 12, 4pm: Smart Home Features for a Better/Safer Life

  • Tuesday April 26, 4pm: Technology to Help Avoid Medication Adherence Problems

To sign up to attend this FREE series of virtual classes, please email

Stronger Memory Group. We are also planning to convene a Stronger Memory Group. This program is a curriculum designed by Goodwin House to stimulate the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which governs our ability to retrieve memories. Participants will individually spend just 20 to 30 minutes a day engaged in a simple reading, writing, and math activities (where correct answers aren’t tabulated!) The workbook will be provided free of charge and our Village group will meet weekly for 45 minutes to share and discuss our progress. Members may register by sending an email to

If you have ideas for other innovative programs, please let us know. There’s no limit to what we might do!



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