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From Frank ... Dec 17

How many of you have a medical advocate?

Ever since I helped care for my Aunt Catherine when she had Alzheimer’s, I’ve understood the importance of designating someone to help navigate the medical system. Managing doctors visits, health insurance and medical bills can be stressful, especially for someone with cognitive impairment.

I was personally reminded of the value just this week when seeking treatment for my mother (who turns 91 next week!). Getting to a positive outcome required the combined effort of me and my siblings to help Mom’s clinicians understand her situation and chart an appropriate course of treatment. I know the outcome would not have been so positive without our voices on her behalf.

If you want to learn more about the role and benefits of a medical advocate, read this article. And consider naming an advocate and to develop your plan before you need it.

Plan now for your Christmas meals

Next week, many will celebrate Christmas. While the pandemic prevents us from gathering again this year, we will have volunteers that will make and deliver a meal on Christmas Eve for those celebrating the holiday. It’s our way of showing our care and support for the community during the holidays. If you’d like a holiday meal or can help in some way (by cooking and/or delivering) please let us know by email by Monday at the latest.

Village Holiday Closing Schedule

The Village office will be closed from noon on December 24 until Tuesday, January 4th. Members Plus can still make service requests but we ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you’ll need assistance during this time. With volunteers travelling, additional notice is needed to find someone to fulfill requests. And consider deferring non-essential services to after the holidays when we’ll have more access to out volunteers.

You can still reach us while we’re closed in case of a non-medical emergency. The office voice mail as well as the email will be checked at least daily during the holiday. Your first call in a medical emergency is always 911 or your medical provider.

Happy Holidays.

P.S. Just this week, Mayor Bowser announced the proposal for bike lanes on Connecticut Avenue. You can read about the proposal here. I strongly urge you to think about how this might affect you, especially if you’re an older adult, and to make your perspective known.

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village



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