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From Frank ... baby its cold outside

With temperatures in the 20's, it's great to have Lucy, my 9 year old Labrador, to remind me that there really are fans of being outdoors in the cold of winter. When snow falls, she is always looking for a snowball fight. Well, more precisely, she likes someone to toss snowballs at her, which she frequently (and adorably) misses. Lucy has a lot of indoor qualities too, but it's her enthusiasm for being outdoors in the cold that has me thinking today.

If you share Lucy's enthusiasm for being outdoors in the cold, we have an opportunity you won't want to miss. This Thursday the Village is sponsoring a walking tour of Woodley Park’s historical "call boxes."

Woodley Call Box Walking Tour

Thursday, January 27

11:00 am

Meet on the corner of 28th St and Woodley Rd.

You've probably seen these boxes which are situated all around the neighborhood. They were the a 19th Century "911" system for the District and used to summon Police or Fire assistance. In 2000 DC embarked on a city-wide effort to restore the boxes as artistic icons and historical markers. The art ranges in style from representational to abstract. And they tell us about each neighborhood's unique identity, enticing residents and visitors to explore and learn.

Our walk will last one hour, and we will learn some fun history about Woodley Road leading to "Tennallytown" (now known as Tenleytown), how Wallis Simpson is connected to Woodley Park, and the impact of architect Harry Wardman on the development of the area. Because it’s weather dependent, we'd like you to register so we can notify you about schedule changes. Click here or call the office to register!

And if you have other suggestions on how we can safely gather outside or online during this recent wave of the pandemic we'd love to hear them. You can email me directly.

Your COVID Update

  • Today in the Washington Post, the CDC states that unvaccinated older adults are nearly 50 times more likely to be hospitalized.

  • According to the DC Coronavirus website, of those DC residents 65 or older, approximately only 40% of those vaccinated have received the booster vaccine.

  • The CDC recently updated its mask guidance and emphasized that your mask should fit well and that some masks offer a greater level of protection.

If you cannot leave your home to be vaccinated, DC Health will come to you! Just call 1-855-363-0333

Be safe, get boosted, and if you're up for a snowball fight, you now know who to call. Lucy will test your skills.

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village



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