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Have you ever looked around at the challenges we face as a community and felt like it was just too much for you to do something about? I know I do. But at heart I’m an optimist. It’s part of my DNA (thanks Mom) to believe in the power of the individual to effect change, to make a big difference in the lives of others even with even the small things we do.

Hunger is one of those problems I think about that looms large over our community. It’s particularly an issue for older residents - and sadly Washington has the highest rate of food insecurity among older adults in the nation.

Some of the reasons are beyond my ability as an individual to change. Some don’t have the funds to purchase food, many live in food deserts (where there are no grocery stores nearby). In our area of the city - Ward 3 – there are more than a dozen grocery stores. Our neighbors in Ward 8, have only one. Some seniors are too ill to cook for themselves or lose interest because they are depressed and lonely. The pandemic made everything worse, of course.

Frank's "Calvert Cupboard" on the corner of 28th & Calvert St. NW

During the height of the pandemic, my family and I put up a food pantry. We’ve been amazed at how much food is distributed through our humble little cupboard. And by the support from the community to keep it stocked. I estimate that over 25 lbs. of food is distributed to the community each and every day. I’ve seen many people come by the cupboard – some are frequent visitors. And I’ve been invigorated by the thank you notes people leave.

Tuesday Talks February 21 at 7:00 PM

Hunger is the topic of our monthly Tuesday Talk at the Cleveland Park Library. Restauranteur and hunger activist Mark Bucher, owner of Medium Rare, will be talking about hunger in DC. During the height of pandemic, Mark and his restaurant provided meals to any older adult that requested one, without charge and with free delivery. He has subsequently founded Feed the Fridge, an innovative new organization that puts refrigerators in rec centers and other publicly accessible places for those that are hungry. We should all learn more about this issue that impacts so many of our residents.

I hope that you’ll join us at the Cleveland Park Library on Tuesday, February 21 at 7pm to learn more from Mark about what he has learned about hunger in our city and what he’s doing to address it. For complete details about this talk and others upcoming, visit or register directly here. Masks are strongly encouraged.

Attend the first meeting of our Program Team

On Wednesday February 22 at noon at the Cleveland Park Library we invite you to come and share your suggestions about future programming. If you would you like to join a regular card or game or go on a daytrip out of the city, or attend an in-person yoga session, or join a weekly program aimed at preserving memory, then this is your opportunity to let us know. The Program Team will meet periodically to help determine what programs are of interest to members and assist in the planning and implementation of programs. Click here to register.

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village

P.S. Monday is Presidents’ Day, a federal holiday, so the Village office will be closed.


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