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Can Tech Keep You Living at Home? Join this Free Seminar and Find Out

The Village has reserved 5 tickets for members to attend a virtual series: Technologies for Aging in Place. To sign up to attend this FREE series of virtual classes, please email Please only sign up if you are a Village member and you plan to attend every session.

The series run by Tech-Enhanced Life explores the intersection of aging and technology and focuses on a wide range of products and services designed to help people live independently and for as long as possible.

This should be a very interesting and informative series so please register as soon as possible. There is no cost to members who participate. There are four classes in March and April:

  • Tuesday March 1, 4pm: Overview of Tools and Tech for Aging in Place

  • Tuesday March 15, 4 pm: The Right Tools to Minimize Isolation & Loneliness

  • Tuesday March 29, 4 pm: Which Medical Alert? And Who Needs One?

  • Tuesday April 12, 4pm: Smart Home Features for a Better/Safer Life

  • Tuesday April 26, 4pm: Technology to Help Avoid Medication Adherence Problems



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