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A Postcard From ...

This Week's Postcard is from St. Louis, MO.

Village Member Sandy Rubin tells the story behind this postcard:

That's Lori Cooper and Pat Witte with me at the famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis, enjoying the long weekend that they scored from the 2021 Summer Spritz Auction

Pat was our tour guide and chauffeur as we explored the sights of her lovely second city. We enjoyed evenings of jazz, a Mississippi River boat cruise, and a vertical tram ride to the top of the Arch.

When it comes to museums it takes a lot to wow a Washingtonian (or a New Yorker like me), but the Picasso exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum was worth the trip. The story of the suffrage movement in St. Louis was the focus of an exhibit at the Missouri History Museum, shedding light on the role and impact women had in shaping St. Louis.

Walking through in neighborhoods and the botanical gardens was a treat as we caught glimpses of spring while enjoying St Louis dry rubbed ribs and the famous Jeni’s ice cream.

Sandy Rubin is a Village member, volunteer and Board chair.


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